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The Potent13 is a user-customizable, high-resolution, potentiometer-based MIDI controller with an analog feel. Play a software MIDI synth, and shape the sound with smooth, high-resolution control. Add knobs to a hardware MIDI synth for instant control of parameters otherwise hidden in menus.

Because each knob has a specific visible state, a musician need only look at the pointers on each knob and is freed from looking at a screen for visual feedback. The potentiometer positions are read at a 10-bit resolution, which is eight times higher than the ubiquitous 7-bit MIDI CCs. It is not uncommon to hear “stair stepping” when using 7-bit CCs, whereas 10-bit control yields a smooth, analog-like sonic experience.

A web browser based configuration tool enables the user to customize the MIDI messages generated by each control. Each knob is independently configurable to transmit MIDI messages of the following types: NRPN, CC, Pitch Bend, System Exclusive, and MIDI Clock with a variable tempo. The button toggles between on and off and can transmit MIDI messages of types: Start, Continue, Stop, Note On, Note Off, and System Exclusive.


  • 13 knobs on 13 smooth single turn potentiometers.
  • 1 light up button.
  • 1 USB device port for MIDI and power. (USB cable included.)
  • 1 in/out pair of MIDI DIN ports.
  • Capable of transmitting NRPNs, CCs, Pitch Bend, System Exclusive, Clock, Start, Continue, Stop, Note On, and Note Off.
  • Physical dimensions: 136 mm (5.35 in.) diameter, 60 mm (2.36 in.) tall.

Configuration Tool

The configuration tool can be accessed here and downloaded for offline use below.

The configuration tool must be used with a web browser that supports Web MIDI. Opera, Edge, and Chrome are some examples. A current list can be found at the bottom of this page. Also, if prompted by your web browser, be sure to allow access to your MIDI devices.


Potent Looper ( A sample looping Pure Data patch made for use with the Potent13. (See video below.)