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Pd Knobs is a high resolution 13 knob MIDI controller designed for use with Pure Data. CDM called it “alternative modular.” It is intended as a complete musical interface for playing a piece of music, usable without needing to look at a computer screen. Thirteen knobs are enough to generate considerable variation without being “too many” knobs.

Multicolored knobs paired with nice feeling single-turn potentiometers make for a visually meaningful musical interface. The colors make it easier to identify an assigned knob, and potentiometers mean the knobs point to a specific value.

Pd Knobs communicates with Pure Data over a USB cable and sends 10-bit values using MIDI NRPNs. (10-bit resolution is 8 times higher than most knobby MIDI controllers.)

Download these Pure Data abstractions to map Pd Knobs within a Pure Data patch. “pd_knobs_10-bit_1023” outputs the raw 10-bit values (0-1023). “pd_knobs_10-bit_1” outputs those values scaled from 0-1. And “pd_knobs_10-bit_1_sig” outputs the scaled values as audio rate signals, which is appropriate for use with Automatonism, for instance.