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Michelangelo Nunchuk Controller Eurorack Module

Michelangelo asks, “Why play a synthesizer with a keyboard or sequencer when you can play it with a nunchuk controller or two?”

A nunchuk controller has a 2D joystick, a 3D accelerometer, and 2 buttons.  The joystick and accelerometer axes map to 5 bipolar control voltages, and the 2 buttons map to gate outputs. 

A bonus “saw” output is a software generated low frequency saw oscillator complete with aliasing.  Its frequency is controlled with the y-axis of the acceleromter, and it can be re-triggered with the C button.

The 6 knobs are attenuverters for the control voltage outputs with a maximum range of +/-10 volts.  This allows switching the polarity of the controls and scaling the CV range.  The gate outputs are +5 volts when on and 0 volts when off.

The module is 16 hp wide and 31 mm deep.