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MAFD 2hp Eurorack Module (MIDI Adapter For DFAM)

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Play your Moog DFAM with MIDI! The MAFD 2hp lets you play the individual steps of your DFAM in any order and any rhythm you like. Use a keyboard, drum controller, or other MIDI controller to play the steps live, or sync your DFAM with your DAW to sequence it alongside other tracks.

The MAFD 2hp is a Eurorack module made to be mounted and powered in a Eurorack case. If you do not have a Eurorack case, an optional power supply and case (pictured above) is available that lets you mount the MAFD 2hp on the side of your DFAM. The case can also be mounted on the side of a tiered rack provided that you get four longer machine screws of size #6-32 x 1″ to replace the four stock ones on the end of your DFAM.


  • Eurorack: 2hp wide, 36 mm deep, 45mA at +5V
  • Inputs: USB MIDI as a device, MIDI TRS via DIN/TRS Type B adapter
  • Outputs: TO ADV/CLK connects to Adv/Clock on a DFAM, VELOCITY outputs 0-5V, PRSSR/MW outputs 0-5V, MIDI Note LED flashes when a note is received on the selected MIDI channel
  • One small switch to select MIDI channel 8 or 16

Comparison to the Original MAFD

The original MAFD is a standalone device in a rudimentary case that included only a USB cable for both power and MIDI. (No power supply was included.) By default it responds on all MIDI channels. There is an optional firmware update to make it respond to only MIDI channel 16.

The MAFD 2hp is a Eurorack module. It includes a USB cable, DIN to TRS adapter, and a 16-pin Eurorack power cable. It responds to MIDI channel 8 or 16 as selected by the user. The optional case attaches neatly to the side of a DFAM, and a power supply is included with the case.

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