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MAFD (MIDI Adapter for DFAM) | Buy (

Play your Moog DFAM with MIDI! 

The MAFD provides MIDI control of the eight steps of a DFAM. Play a DFAM with a keyboard, an electronic drum set, a MIDI sequencer (hardware or in your DAW), or any other controller that sends MIDI notes.

The MAFD can receive MIDI as a USB device or via the standard DIN connector. It responds to MIDI note/velocity, pressure, and mod wheel messages. Any 8 adjacent notes correspond to and trigger the 8 steps on a DFAM. The velocity jack outputs a voltage (0-5V) corresponding to the current note’s velocity. The pressure jack outputs a voltage (0-5V) corresponding to any pressure (aka aftertouch) or mod wheel messages.


  • Inputs: USB power, USB MIDI device, MIDI DIN
  • Outputs: To Adv/Clock jack connects to Adv/Clock on DFAM, Velocity jack outputs 0-5V, Pressure jack outputs 0-5V, MIDI Note LED shows MIDI note activity

Please see the manual for more details.