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MAFD (MIDI Adapter for DFAM)

Please note that this version has been replaced by the MAFD 2hp. The MAFD 2hp has all the same functionality as this one but in a more common format. The MAFD 2hp is a Eurorack module, but it can also be purchased with a case and power supply to be used standalone like this version. The MAFD 2hp and optional case can also be mounted on a tiered rack.

Play your Moog DFAM with MIDI! 

The MAFD provides MIDI control of the eight steps of a DFAM. Play a DFAM with a keyboard, an electronic drum set, a MIDI sequencer (hardware or in your DAW), or any other controller that sends MIDI notes.

The MAFD can receive MIDI as a USB device or via the standard DIN connector. It responds to MIDI note/velocity, pressure, and mod wheel messages. Any 8 adjacent notes correspond to and trigger the 8 steps on a DFAM. The velocity jack outputs a voltage (0-5V) corresponding to the current note’s velocity. The pressure jack outputs a voltage (0-5V) corresponding to any pressure (aka aftertouch) or mod wheel messages.


  • Inputs: USB power, USB MIDI device, MIDI DIN
  • Outputs: To Adv/Clock jack connects to Adv/Clock on DFAM, Velocity jack outputs 0-5V, Pressure jack outputs 0-5V, MIDI Note LED shows MIDI note activity

Please see the manual for more details.

Update September 2020 – Regarding MIDI Channels:

By default the MAFD responds to all MIDI channels, and that seems to work well for most users. Some users have expressed that they would prefer it to respond to only a specific MIDI channel.

One way to accomplish that is to use a MIDI router to select the MIDI messages and channels to send to your MAFD.

Another option is to reprogram your MAFD with new firmware. Here are instructions for reprogramming your MAFD and firmware files. Updating the firmware is fairly straightforward but not without risk. So please exercise caution. We are not responsible if you break your MAFD. Please contact us if you need help or have questions.

Only one of the following firmware files is needed.