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Play your Moog DFAM(s) with MIDI!

The MAFD Luxe MIDI-to-CV Eurorack Module provides MIDI control of the individual steps of up to two DFAMs along with many MIDI-to-CV functions. Play a DFAM or two with a pad controller, a keyboard, an electronic drum set, a MIDI sequencer (hardware or in your DAW), or any other controller that sends MIDI notes.

The MAFD Luxe can receive MIDI via the standard DIN or as a USB host (i.e., plug in a USB MIDI device like a pad controller, or use a powered USB hub to connect up to four devices). Incoming MIDI except for SysEx messages is echoed out of the MIDI Thru DIN. This means the MAFD Luxe can be used as a USB host to MIDI DIN converter.

Other MIDI-to-CV functions include 1V/Oct pitch with +/-2 semitones pitch bend range, velocity, pressure (aka aftertouch – channel and/or poly), gate, trigger, and CCs 14-17. Also, four MIDI-to-clock trigger patterns are provided: straight eighth notes, half-swing eighth notes, (full) swing eighth notes, and dotted eighth note followed by a sixteenth.


  • 16 hp x 32 mm deep Eurorack module with a standard 16 pin power connector
  • MIDI inputs: USB host (support a single USB device or up to four USB devices via a powered USB hub) and standard DIN
  • MIDI Thru output: standard DIN
  • MAFD MIDI-to-CV outputs (x2): To Adv/Clock, Velocity, Inverse Velocity, Pressure, Inverse Pressure
  • MIDI note-to-CV outputs: 1 Volt/Octave, Gate, Trigger, Velocity, Inverse Velocity, Pressure, Inverse Pressure
  • MIDI CC-to-CV outputs: CC 14, CC 15, CC 16, CC 17
  • MIDI clock-to-trigger outputs: 1:1 is straight 1/8th notes, 7:5 is half-swing 1/8th notes, 2:1 is (full) swing 1/8th notes, and 3:1 is a dotted 1/8th note followed by a 1/16th note
  • The On/Off button enables/disables the Clock outputs, and the Reset button resets the internal clock count to zero (the start of a measure).
  • The trigger button outputs triggers for To Adv/Clock (x2), Trigger, and the clock outputs.

Please see the manual for more details.

Optional: The MAFD Luxe’s 1 V/oct output can be calibrated via MIDI. Below is a Pure Data patch and instructions to do that.