I recently got this 5″ TFT LCD composite monitor, and I was able to connect it to and power it from a Raspberry Pi 3.  Here is how I did it.

I opened up the case to expose the bare LCD and driver board.  The case is just two pieces of plastic snapped together, so I pried it open with a screwdriver.  You can see the original input wires connected to the board:  red – 12-24 VDC, black – ground, yellow – composite video 1, and white – composite video 2.

I removed the original wires and connected the three wires shown below:  yellow – composite video, black – ground, and blue – 5 VDC.  The blue wire is (thin) 30 AWG wire that is easily soldered onto the PCB.

I connected the three wires to the Raspberry Pi as shown below using a TRRS connector:  yellow – composite video (S), black – ground (R adjacent to S), and blue – 5 VDC (pin 2 of the Raspberry Pi connector).

Here are the relevant /boot/config.txt settings I am using.



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