The Winning Entry – boomCHUCK – 2018 Moog Circuit Bending Challenge

The boomCHUCK is a circa ’90s drum machine plus custom analog circuits, all controllable with two nunchuck controllers. My inspiration began with an old nunchuck controller and previous experience interfacing a similar controller with a different microcontroller.  I have been thinking about alternative instrument interfaces lately, and this seemed like a good chance to try something different. After hearing about the challenge, I spent the first two weeks looking for

Wii Classic Controller over I2C to Raspberry Pi

I wanted to connect my Wii Classic Controller to my Raspberry Pi 3.  Here is how I did it. The Hardware: The Wiibrew extension controller page explains how to connect an official Wii Classic Controller via I2C.  (I tried a cheap ZettaGuard one, and I couldn’t figure out the appropriate I2C initialization codes to make it work.) The site Robot Electronics has an I2C tutorial that explains the need for