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pd knobs is a 13 knob MIDI CC controller. It can control any software that recognizes MIDI CC messages, but it was obviously designed with Pure Data in mind. I created it because I wanted a knobby interface with nice feeling potentiometers that would preserve its state from session-to-session, like a hardware instrument would. MIDI output is over a USB cable.


I created a few Pure Data abstractions for mapping pd knobs within a patch. “pd_knobs_127” outputs the raw MIDI CC values from 0-127. “pd_knobs_1” outputs those values scaled (divided by 127) from 0-1. And “pd_knobs_1_sig” outputs the scaled values as audio rate signals, which is appropriate for use with Automatonism, for instance.

pd knobs is built around a Teensy LC, and its code is open source. The knobs numbered left to right are programmed as MIDI CC numbers 102-114, but they could easily be customized by modifying the source code snippet shown below.

// Map MIDI CC channels to knobs numbered left to right.
#define CC01  102
#define CC02  103
#define CC03  104
#define CC04  105
#define CC05  106
#define CC06  107
#define CC07  108
#define CC08  109
#define CC09  110
#define CC10  111
#define CC11  112
#define CC12  113
#define CC13  114